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Antique Printers Drawer

This antique wood printer drawer is perfect for a small ecommerce website! It comes with a variety of typeset hamilton pages and is perfect for holding the settings, fonts, and other details of your text selling operation.

Drawer For Typeset, Small, Hamilton
S Drawer Letterpress Type Case Tray, Display
S Drawer
S Block Letterpress Drawer Tray Usa


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Vintage Printer Drawer

If you're looking for a vintage printer drawer that will make your home look your best, look no further than this! This wood box is small but beautiful and would make a great addition to any home.

Antique Printers Drawer Ebay

This replication of an early 20th century ludlow letterpress drawer printer is a great addition to your antique printer storage! The printer has original paperwork and is functioning and looking in yorke kenwood style! The shadow box on the front is currently unavailable at our store. this vintage printers drawer is filled with various type types such as letterpress, type, and more type. The tray is filled with 16. 5 pages of type. The shadow box is filled with 32 type boxes. The boxes are pièce de chaque with black trims. The trims are there to keep the type looking perfect. The type is from the 70's so there are a few light areas where the type is still very clear. The pages have been well oiled and the type is still very clear. this is a supplier list item for the company "antique printers". This product is a type case drawer with a 13" size. The drawer is made of wood and has a high-quality door. The drawer has two pulls to move the case around, and a dalmatian paw handle. The case also has a raised beveled grille on the top that is also visible when the case is opened. The case is made of plastic and has a withoutose. It is made to be easily-injected with ink. It is also available with anose. This printer drawer has a period look and feels good to use. this is a defunct drawer that is now used for holding an antiques store's printers. The cover/ drawer is made oftype wood tray drawer letterpress wall shadowbox nice.