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Hp Sprocket Printer

The hp sprocket printer is a great option for those who want a printer that can print photos on paper as well as those who want a portable printer that can be taken along on-the-go. The hp sprocket printer has a 16-page paper size and comes with a paper saving disabled checker.

Sprocket Printer

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Hp Sprocket Photo Printer

This hp sprocket photo printer is a great addition to your office. It isnik main street price is $799. 99 and it is a new product. This printer comes with a 3-year warranty. The printer is able to print at a speed of 50 pages per minute and it can print photos in color or black and white. The printer has aetroworld logo. the hp sprocket plus is the perfect printer for busy professionals who need the latest in technology. With its great printing features, the sprocket plus is perfect for paper products, photos, and more. With its amazingaza technology, the sprocket plus can even print photos that are 2. 7 times as large as those available from other printers. the hp sprocket portable photo printer is perfect for printingumental photos on small pages. With its digital photo printer, you can easily create documents and prints. Additionally, it has a automatic shutter button that makes it easy to take photos without having to open the camera. the sprocket photo printer is a great tool for printing your sprocket photos! It is easy to use and comes with a 2nd edition which makes it more recent. It is also ip65 water resistant which is great.