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Netum Shipping Label Printer

This netum label printer is perfect for those looking for a high-speed, commercial grade direct thermal printer. It can print on 14. 5 pages per minute, which is very high for a label printer. It also has a 46 inch pages library, which is large and helpful for storing complete product manuals and so on.

Netum Shipping Label Printer Ebay

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Best Netum Shipping Label Printer

This is a perfect printer for shipping and other small documents. It has a fast netum shipping label printer that is sure to get the job done. this is a netum printer label printer that stands on its own and prints shipping labels in a variety of colors and styles on a variety of materials. It comes with a usb network card that makes it easy to connect to your computer and read the labels. netum is a quality shipping label printer that is perfect for printing shipping labels. The printer produces high-quality labels quickly and easily. this is a new netum shipping label printer that comes with 4x6 shipping desktop high speed thermalnt-lp110a. It canprinted four netum shipping label documents at 6 ppi per minute and 8 ppi per minute. The printer can also handle 8 gb/s printerguide. Biz connection required transfer rate.