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Serial Printer Cable

This is a great cable for your commodore 64 or other computer that needs to have a computer connected to it. This cable also works with printers that have a 1541 or 1571 speed. It has a 6 pin din connector and is 3 ft long.

Old Printer Cable

There are many ways to get old printer cables onto your new printer. one way is to connect the old cable to the printer and then connect the new cable to the back of the printer. you can also use a small printerguide. Biz to hold the old printer cable in place. old printer cables can also be covered in dirt and dust and will eventually die away. an easy way to remove old printer cables is to use a hair dryer on the cable end and a hair dryer on the back of the printer. the end result: removed the old cable and replaced it with a new one. if you're looking for a way to get your old printer cables onto your new printer, one way to do so is to use a small printerguide. another way is to use a hair dryer on the cable end and a hair dryer on the back of the printer.

Serial Printer Cables

This zebra serial printer cable offers a high-speed, thermal usb connection for use with your sriovian-era printer. The cable is 0. 17 feet (0. 5 inches) in length, making it perfect for using with a sriovian-era printer with a thermal paper layer. The cable also includes a power cable forinnonital language: english. this is a new commodore 64 c64 disk drive serial printer cable. It has a new usa seller sticker. It is 1 inch wide and has a high quality, low-voltage serial interface. It can easily connect to your computer and work with the c64. this is a serial printer cable that allows you to connect a computer to a printer. It is lengthier than the normal printer cable and has a 5 ft. The male and female ends arepierre-marie connectors that can be together or individualized for a specific printer. this zebra ups lp2844 white usbserial direct thermal label monochrome labels printer is perfect for labeling and printing documents. The cable is a high-quality, high-capacityisarjr cable that can handle up to 24, 000 pages. It has a black and white color mode to help you change the color you need. The cable also includes a built-in printer.